BREAKING: Russia Hacks Congress; State Television Blocks Coverage of Democratic Congresswoman Criticizing Trump

Credit: Tiagoom

At 2:30pm today, a Democratic representative from California was speaking out against a bill that would decrease regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission – before the live feed of her testimony was cut off by a stream of Russian state-owned television.

People are wondering if the American-run C-SPAN’s takeover by “Russia Today” (RT) was due to Russian hacking.

After Rep. Maxine Waters noted that she was concerned about Trump’s commission becoming too friendly with Russia, the inexplicable switch occurred and interrupted Waters’ comments on the bill.

“I urge my colleagues to join me, investor and consumer advocates, public pension plans, civil rights groups, labor unions and supporters of financial reform in opposing H.R. 78 to ensure that the actions of Trump’s SEC are in the interests of Americans’ economic stability and not in Russia’s or Wall Street’s interest,” Waters said. “At this time, with the bill that would basically take our cop on the block, the SEC, and literally obliterate — ”

That was all Representative Waters had the chance to say, before Russia Today came on the air, somehow broadcasting live.

Russia Today employees have been accused of collaborating with WikiLeaks, and portraying Trump “as the target of unfair coverage from traditional media outlets.”

So far, no one has any idea what happened, but several witnesses saw the change occur on C-SPAN live.

Shaw has written for USA Today, CNN, Capitol Weekly, Independent Voter Network News, and The Energy Collective. At age 19, she was appointed to the Community Health Commission for the City of Berkeley by Mayor Tom Bates and served on the Mayor's Health Task Force. She acts and models professionally and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Shaw is a native San Franciscan. She studied political economy, public policy, biology, and rhetoric at UC Berkeley, and graduated in 2016. Through reformed education and effective communication, she is interested in making complex concepts accessible to broader audiences in hope of creating a more aware and active world.



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