Trump Is Threatening America’s Basic Level of Intelligence – Here’s How!

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Apparently, we’re literally speaking like children in our political discourse – in part due to Trump’s rhetoric and Twitter-based communications.

The rest of the world refers jokingly to the United States as being made up of “stupid Americans.” Turns out, there’s a pretty good reason why.

While past U.S. presidents spoke at a middle school level, “Donald Trump tends to lag behind the others.”

“For example, we would expect that we could see the word ‘win’ fairly frequently in third grade documents,” according to scientist Maxine Eskenazi.

Comparatively, Hillary Clinton spoke using “an effort to take into account the different audiences or circumstances… the biggest change of choice words from one speech to another.”

This style of speaking reflecting on her high intelligence may have made conservative voters feel she was “untrustworthy.”

If it’s any consolation to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and former President Bush spoke at a 5th grade level.

Oh boy, America. Our public image around the world isn’t looking great.

Shaw has written for USA Today, CNN, Capitol Weekly, Independent Voter Network News, and The Energy Collective. At age 19, she was appointed to the Community Health Commission for the City of Berkeley by Mayor Tom Bates and served on the Mayor's Health Task Force. She acts and models professionally and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Shaw is a native San Franciscan. She studied political economy, public policy, biology, and rhetoric at UC Berkeley, and graduated in 2016. Through reformed education and effective communication, she is interested in making complex concepts accessible to broader audiences in hope of creating a more aware and active world.



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