America Is Receiving Real Threats From Abroad; Trump’s Carelessness Could Likely Cause a Terrorist Attack

Credit: Counter Current News

We all knew that Donald Trump was foolish – but now, terrorists have said so too.

Al-Qaeda said Trump “ignited the flame of jihad” with the botched Yemen raid he gave the go ahead on earlier this month.

Many civilians were killed unnecessarily. As was, famously, a U.S. Navy Seal.

The threats from terrorist groups were a problem, of course, long before Trump had even officially taken office – his offensive remarks about Muslim people incited threats during his campaign.

Al-Qaeda is literally using footage of his speeches to recruit more terrorists, showing them why to hate the United States.

Trump seems to be making it all too easy for them:

But this is a direct response to something Trump did in the White House.

The raid came only days after Trump’s vow to eradicate Islamist terrorism in his inauguration speech.

According to the threats, Trump’s action makes it “clear… that the threat was not directed to the Islamic ­militants only, but to all the ­Muslims, men, women and even children.”

Among those reported dead was the 8-year-old daughter of Anwar al-Awlaki.

The terrorist organization called Trump “foolish.”

Trump needs to take this more seriously – or something terrible could happen under his watch, or even to him.

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h/t The Washington Post

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