Trump Staff Members Fleeing to Russia? The FBI Finds Potential Smoking Gun on Trump Treason


The FBI has identified four top Donald Trump campaign advisors of having colluded with Russian intelligence officers during the 2016 election.

Trump has already infamously fired two of the advisors, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and just-now-fired Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, while the third is a personal friend.

Where’s the fourth? No one seems to know.

His last publicly known location was Moscow.

After the election, Carter Page ran off to Moscow in December on a supposed business trip. He hasn’t come back.

Knowing what we now know about what the FBI has uncovered about him, it’s possible Page was fleeing the country to avoid inevitable prosecution.

The last thing that’s been publicly heard from Page was when he was quoted in the Russian media making threats against Senator John McCain – famously, one of the only Republicans to speak out against Trump.

Some people are speculating that Page is already working as a Russian government agent, and isn’t bothering to hide it.

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h/t The Palmer Report

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