Watch Trump’s Most Loyal Staff Member Accidentally Destroy Himself On The Daily Show



Using Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller’s own words, Trevor Noah and the team at The Daily Show made Miller look just as silly as his arguments sound.

Miller was the most hated kid in his high school class because he:

  • made fun of minorities
  • despised the fact there was a club for gay students on campus
  • refused to pick up trash because that was “the janitor’s job”

Watch Trevor Noah break it down for us:

Oh boy. And now he’s sold his soul to the actual devil by working so hard for Trump.

“It’s nice to see, like most of your friends from high school, not only has Miller not changed, he’s gotten worse,” Noah commented.

Noah also pointed out that if Miller looks familiar, there’s a good reason: “It’s probably because you see him every time you take off your socks.”

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h/t The Huffington Post

Shaw has written for USA Today, CNN, Capitol Weekly, Independent Voter Network News, and The Energy Collective. At age 19, she was appointed to the Community Health Commission for the City of Berkeley by Mayor Tom Bates and served on the Mayor's Health Task Force. She acts and models professionally and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Shaw is a native San Franciscan. She studied political economy, public policy, biology, and rhetoric at UC Berkeley, and graduated in 2016. Through reformed education and effective communication, she is interested in making complex concepts accessible to broader audiences in hope of creating a more aware and active world.


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