BREAKING: Comey Finally Comes Forward! Trump Is Nervous About the FBI’s Big Reveal


Here we go – finally!

The government is finally starting to admit what we’ve known for months: Russia did indeed rig the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

In fact, they’ve finally come clean about having looked into Russia-Trump ties since last summer. And they confirmed that Trump’s wiretapping claims are bogus.

Comey flatly said “They wanted to hurt our democracy, hurt her, help him” with regard to the Russian government, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

FBI Director James Comey and the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are clearly no friend to each other, but they found themselves in near total agreement during Monday’s open hearings.

In contrast the Republicans on the committee seemed overmatched and ill prepared, at one point trying to deflect blame onto a reporter while mangling her name.

Comey also stated that he’s known since last December that Russian had a “clear preference” for Trump and that it was a “fairly easy judgment.”

The FBI has now officially confirmed that Russia rigged the election for Donald Trump, meaning the Democrats were correct all along. All that’s left to demonstrate is that Trump knew it at the time.

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h/t The Palmer Report

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