Republican Congressman just cost a woman her job after she demanded he hold town halls


A New Jersey woman, who is part of an organization pressuring GOP Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen to hold town halls, resigned from her day job after Frelinghuysen personally sent a letter to a member of her employer’s board, ratting her out for her political activism.

Some say there’s likely nothing illegal about Frelinghuysen’s note, because it does not specifically threaten action on Avelenda.

But Jordan Libowitz, a spokesman for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told WNYC the the letter was “troubling” nonetheless.

Frelinghuysen has extensive power on Capitol Hill: As the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, the representative has broad influence on what Congress spends money on.

He is also part of a New Jersey political dynasty that dates back to the Revolutionary War.

“This shameful abuse of power by Representative Frelinghuysen is exactly why we need new representation in Congress. Frelinghuysen has gone from simply refusing to meet with his constituents and telling them to ‘back off’ to threatening constituents who are exercising their freedom of speech,” said Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat running against Frelinghuysen in the 2018 midterms.

“That Frelinghuysen would use his powerful public office to hurt a private citizen is wrong, unethical and immoral.”

Unbelievable – a woman used her first amendment right to be active in her local government, and it cost her her job. All thanks to spiteful politics.

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Shaw has written for USA Today, CNN, Capitol Weekly, Independent Voter Network News, and The Energy Collective. At age 19, she was appointed to the Community Health Commission for the City of Berkeley by Mayor Tom Bates and served on the Mayor's Health Task Force. She acts and models professionally and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Shaw is a native San Franciscan. She studied political economy, public policy, biology, and rhetoric at UC Berkeley, and graduated in 2016. Through reformed education and effective communication, she is interested in making complex concepts accessible to broader audiences in hope of creating a more aware and active world.


  1. What is going on is the slow silencing of American voices and the birthing of a dictatorship in the person of drumpf and his spineless minions.

    I am shocked they have cajones big enough to try and pull off stunts like this.

  2. Am I missing something. The lady’s name and place of work. I try to fact check stories but this one is difficult. And I believe naming a place of business is a good way to bear pressure if they created issues for this woman.

  3. If his constituents would vote his a** out if office ge wouldn’t have any power!!!
    Go vote people!!!

  4. Poor man is deathly afraid of having a Town Hall meeting. Can you imagine being so frightened that you had to intimidate a woman out of a job, regardless of how it’s being spun? Time to retire, dear man. PS Not about a political side. That should never matter.

  5. NEXT TIME, please turn the auto focus off when you’re pointing it at a video screen. We see it fooling with the image, trying to make it more in focus. You’ll get a better image if you lock the camera down and turn the auto focus off.

  6. What would be more effective – and perhaps more appropriate – would be to tell who this woman’s employer was and pressure them to STOP pressuring political activists and activism.

  7. so…he didnt tell her employers that she was an activist;that must have been general knowledge…What he obviously did was demand her dismissal-using his influence.Appalling.


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