Donald Trump Jr. Drops the Ball…Big Time

Thank goodness this kid's not in charge.


Remember when half the country was in a fuss about Hillary Clinton’s alleged email scandal? Remember when that turned out to be nothing, and she was totally clean?

Yeah. No such luck for Donald Trump, Jr.

The son and namesake of U.S. President Donald Trump has recently been revealed as having extensive conversations (mostly via email) with Russian officials who were offering him incriminating information about Clinton during the 2016 election.

Yes, you read that right. And if you will recall, when the Al Gore’s 2000 campaign was ominously sent video of George W. Bush’s debate practice by an international source, they called the FBI. That is what you are supposed to do when a foreign entity is attempting to give you incriminating information to influence a presidential election. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. missed the memo, because not only did he take the Russians up on their offer and meet with them, but he conducted most of this business over email. I mean, come on – if you’re going to defraud your country during one of the most crucial elections in its history, don’t keep the information in writing.

Those emails have been made available on Trump Jr.’s Twitter and elsewhere online, but this attempted display of transparency simply reinforces the shady, unfortunate incompetence that has pervaded the Trump administration thus far. Why have we not heard about this sooner? Well, it was not Trump Jr.’s astounding ability to keep the information secret, that’s for sure. A line of questioning with the New York Times saw him tell lie after lie, which have been subsequently debunked. He has been found out, and there is not much more to say.

Let’s just thank our lucky stars that this guy does not play a formal role in the White House – one lunatic billionaire is more than enough.


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