Trump Attacks Rod Rosenstein and FAILS Miserably


The Trump Administration’s latest approach to dealing with the Russia investigation is to attack the credibility of anyone investigating them. They are trying to create a narrative that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has people are unfair, too biased, and liberal, even though Mueller and many of his hires are not Democrats at all. They are failing miserably at painting this narrative, but it doesn’t stop them from trying. Donald Trump has not missed the bandwagon on this ad hominem defense.

In his latest New York Times interview, Trump was clearly going after Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mueller. While talking about Jeff Sessions’ recusal, Trump said he “ended up with a second man, who’s a deputy.” Trump used this moment to lead in to his attack of Rosenstein. “Who is he?” Trump asked. “And Jeff hardly knew. He’s from Baltimore.” Repeating his claim Trump said, “Rod Rosenstein, who is from Baltimore.” Eventually getting to the point, Trump added, “There are very few Republicans in Baltimore, if any. So, he’s from Baltimore.” In other words, Trump is claiming that Rosenstein is from Baltimore, and that makes him a Democrat, and that makes him unfair. As usual, in attacking someone, Trump made a major mistake…


Rod Rosenstein is not from Baltimore; he is from Philadelphia. Donald Trump won the state of Pennsylvania, so this whole narrative falls apart once again. Rosenstein has worked in the Justice Department under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. He did, at one time, work for the District of Maryland, but that is a far cry from being “from Baltimore.” Rosenstein has not commented on Trump’s false accusations.



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