New York Has a GENIUS Plan to Humiliate Trump with HUGE Name Change


State Assembly Member Nily Rozic is introducing a bill to rename Donald J. Trump State Park. Trump originally granted the land to New York State, demanding that they prominently display his name throughout the park. The new name, however, could erase his if the new bill passes. The name they chose will simultaneously celebrate an American hero and humiliate Trump.


The plan is to rename the park Heather D. Heyer State Park. Heather Heyer was the brave young activist who was senselessly murdered by the terrorist behavior of a white nationalist marching with “alt-right” neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Trump’s remarks in response to the event have drawn harsh criticism from countless people and politicians across the political spectrum.


If the bill succeeds, Trump will get some much-deserved humiliation, and he will see his name removed from the park as well as multiple nearby highway signs. Even more importantly, Heyer’s name will be immortalized and honored. This is a purely symbolic bill, but it would be a win for everyone involved who deserves one.



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